Sunday Afternoon Thoughts

Throughout this entire journey through cancer that Peter & I have been on we have tried, pretty successfully, to remain in a positive mindset. Of course there have been bumps along the way. As I sit here today on this beautiful summer day I’m thinking & reflecting on our journey. Actually what I’m really pondering is why…. why this, why us, why now, after all  of our difficult past journey’s that we traveled both separately & together. From the outside surface it is so easy to say… Man, that just is so wrong, so unfair, God, the Universe… just wow… but no… you always have to delve deeper. We are here to learn and grow.  This is a journey after all… As I sit here and think about this very large concept the answer is so clear in so many ways… Student of life; why this, why us, why now…?  Growth… to grow in every imaginable way…

Faith, trust, peace, understanding, knowledge, patience, confidence, humbleness, strength/fortitude, openmindedness, conviction, finding ourselves on the deepest of levels (primal), compassion, passion, educating ourselves, hope, desire, our voices, boundaries, safety, honor, what is important on a personal level… and what is not, and of course love.

Every bit of ourselves grew in these ways and more. Our journey while here on this planet, in this life, in this body for our soul is to grow & expand. We have grown in all these ways bonded together in love. As crazy as this sounds… I will be thankful for it all. My eyes are open. I’m still on the journey, but I have found myself in the deepest ways. Our journey here shapes us uniquely , pushes us…until we listen… until we grow.

Thank you for this journey God… the good, the bad & the ugly… The experience of life is rich indeed.




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