Today’s blog is a true shoot from the hip. Cancer sucks. Period…. Woke up this morning to the sad heart breaking news that heaven gained another new angel.. Jack Rollins. #Jackrollinsjourney #jackstrong . Cancer has taken another. Sweet 5 year old Jack, who along with Hines (#hopeforhines ) has been at the top of our prayer list for a little bit over a year when we were enlightened. Cancer knows no boundaries.. leaves nobody out. No race, no age, rich or poor, nobody is exempt. Jack has fought an adult warriors battle… he lived as much as he could in his 5 years… He was diagnosed at 2. Hospital to hospital… treatment to treatment… needles, tests, drugs…we all prayed for a miracle. Neuroblastoma. His family’s whole life and whole mission and daily drive was to help him survive another day. The lessons he taught everyone who met him, knew him.. or even of him are countless. He was a warrior beyond words. Parents are never supposed to bury a child… there can’t be a more cruel twist. How does a family who has spent years fighting for a child’s life ever rebuild… let alone go on. This has been the daily family life. How do you possibly pick up from here??? Today has been a day of tears and sadness for Peter & I. For myself, a wound opened…My brother lost his 5 1/2 month old son one day when he took a nap, he never woke up… SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). No answers…Every single day my brother is my hero… he gets up out of bed and goes on… and I don’t know how… or if I ever could…It’s been almost 10 years, and today, the scab and that pain came right back… all of it…There is so much I don’t even understand in this life…So many questions I have. I don’t understand any of it… but especially children.
Today our buddy Hines is doing really well.. and for this we are so thankful!!! His family’s battle continues… and we are with them in support and prayer every single day.
Jack was an inspiration to us all. He smiled.. he cheered on his fellow patients…he made the best of a really shitty situation… He was a warrior. 2 weeks ago he sat in the Bat-mobile with Batman & Spiderman. This week he got his wish… legos & 2 puppies who will now keep his family going. There is a special bond between cancer warriors… one without words… just a deep knowing and connection. Families, and support caregivers understand. You just do the next thing as Peter’s brother Steve used to say. Cancer brings us as humans to such a different level of understanding. No time for drama, life hangs in balance… every day is a gift… Don’t waste the gift. Love Big, Forgive Much, Hold each other close… nobody is guaranteed tomorrow. Sadly most don’t understand these things on the deepest of levels.. until it touches them personally. Try harder… Hold each other tighter… and please please… send up a prayer for Jack & his family & all his loved ones & all the children who’s freedom & lives have been taken by cancer…for all the warriors past, present & future…it could be any of us next.
Cancer sucks.. our hearts are so heavy #jackstrong ❤

One thought on “Loss

  1. Kathleen

    You call it right, Heather. Cancer does suck, big time! And so not fair for children who have never had a “normal” day to experience the joy of just being a kid. 😦 I’ve got a LOT of questions to ask God some day. xoxo Love you guys so much!!


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