Laughter is the best medicine



Laughter is the best medicine.. there is no doubt. We live in a home of love and laughter here! Some days life is heavy and we have to work extra hard to pull it out from the depths, but it’s always there deep inside. The word cancer strikes fear into the heart.. laughter reminds us we are still here alive and kicking. You can’t curl up in a ball and heal. Why not enjoy this daily journey of life with a good belly laugh. I read once in a book that laughter was like an aerobic work out for your guts… I love that..( I read so much I can’t remember which book, but when I do remember I will pass that gem on to you all)! Peter’s mind for humor, and puns, and thoughtful hysterical nonsense is fabulous… It’s contagious …I’m learning to keep up as long as I have at least one cup of coffee in me. It was like this before and it remains unchanged. We simply crack each other up. This is how we face challenge too. When we feel nervous, we laugh, and suddenly we both feel better. I’m not going to say there aren’t bad days.. but there is always a positive spin on even the worst days. Why?… Because we have each other, and that just brings our hearts such joy. I wish we were not having to go through this, heck we just found each other and only just got married almost 9 months ago. It’s the hand we have been dealt, and we are both here for a reason. We are going to savor every single minute of the next 50 years together… because we are going to kick cancers ass! We are going to live and pray and laugh through this journey. A positive mind is a strong mind, a survivor mind. The mind can heal the body.. we have all heard this and it’s true. That being said, a negative mind is also a strong mind, it can do great damage. A negative mind can cause a body to give up and die. We just were talking the other day with a volunteer at the hospital while Peter received his first treatments. She was a retired oncology nurse who “graduated” to volunteer level of service ( she loved her job so much). She stopped in to visit with us during Peter’s treatment and we happily chatted with her about life & love & cancer.. and about keeping a positive attitude. She agreed whole heartedly and told us about something the oncologist she had worked for told her many times. He had said that he struggled going into surgery on patients who had a negative or victim attitude because oftentimes they would have more complications and their outcomes were not nearly as good as the patients with positive attitudes. That really spoke volumes to us both. We know that this is a journey of faith, trust, love and laughter. In the treatment wing the nurses and patients work as a positive team. We laughed with everyone who came in our room. .. we had a lot of people in and out of our room. Positive energy attaches to positive…negative attaches to negative. We’ve all worked a job where one of our co workers shows up to work cranky or negative and before you know it everyone is cranky & negative. I must say I was worried before we arrived that first day about sitting in a depressing atmosphere while Peter received treatments… but not to worry… there is so much light and positive energy in there you wouldn’t believe it!! Even in the midst of fear & the unknown we all have a choice… smile. Send some love out there… find the positive in a negative situation and hold on to it tight!!! That’s right where we plan on staying!! We are going to keep on laughing!! It really is the best medicine!!

2 thoughts on “Laughter is the best medicine

    1. peteandheather

      Thank you so much Missy!!We are feeling all the prayers and we are just beyond words thankful!!! We so just want to reach out a hand of support to anyone going through anything!!! xo


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