Our journey begins here

Life is a journey, we’ve all heard that. It really is true. After much discussion thought and prayer Peter and I have decided to share some information, and it’s just not easy. Peter was diagnosed with Cancer in June. CLL, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia,The same cancer that his brother Steve battled. As you can imagine, the last few months have been quite emotional. So much processing of information and emotions. We have recently discovered (not surprisingly) that we are both being drawn in the same direction. Life is a journey to find meaning and learn lessons, a journey of the soul. People have offered advice to us from one end of the spectrum to the other. So many people have suggested we read and participate in support groups. We needed time to digest this diagnosis before we were ready to tackle that. After much research of discussion and support group pages, we discovered plenty of support for cancer patients. Most discuss treatments, options, alternatives, side effects, how to get through the side effects, research, future treatments, horror stories ( just like those old pregnancy & delivery stories we all were told while pregnant) and about death. There is valuable information learned whilst reading all of these things. We have been trying to absorb everything we can since hearing Peter’s diagnosis. What neither of us has found is a site that speaks to our souls about this journey. It is a journey. Everyone experiences life different, and cancer is no different. Everything becomes so real, bright living color. Peter is looking at this diagnosis in a way I never imagined. He is deep and insightful and inspiring. This diagnosis of cancer gives life a clarity that previously can’t be comprehended. I myself have not found a support site for spouses with cancer that resonates. There is care taking advice (for spouse & self), but not about the journey. Sometimes its raw, sometimes heart wrenching, sometimes there is anger, somedays there is great fear, and other days there is a deep faith, and with us .. yes even laughter. We think it’s important to share everything because it will resonate in someone out there. We desire a place to share this journey that is different, that is real. We are but mere humans finding our way. We have made the decision to blog our process; that is what we both feel called to do. We want to inform people and if people are so inspired we hope that we can all share information. We will keep it real. We both want something different out there that speaks to us and anyone else that is on this journey. We will share from each our own perspective along this road called life & cancer. Somedays it will be journey based, some days it may be good, somedays it may be hard, some days we may not want to speak of cancer at all and just share a laugh or memory. Neither of us is exactly sure how this will go but we will see where we are directed. Peter looks at this diagnosis as a gift in many ways and he inspires me beyond words. I don’t look at cancer as a gift, however I do agree and realize there will be gifts along the journey. One of these gifts will be the possibility of opening discussion, healing, knowledge, growth, and peace. Everyone has something important to bring to the table. We welcome you to share this link and share your experiences. Please keep in mind, we hope to really do something different.. even in the midst of the struggle to find peace somehow… we all crave peace.… We desire to map this journey. There is no blueprint to this journey, for anyone, and every journey is different. If we can in any way help anyone navigate waters, that will be a gift to us. If anyone has thoughts and experience to share, please feel free. We pray without beginning or end that a cure for cancer will be found and that this speaks to someone somewhere.
Stay tuned…

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